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Coimbra Group research policy seminar

31 October 2016

On 27-28 October, the Coimbra Group held its third research policy seminar at the Venice International University on the island of San Servolo. The seminar was opened by President Yves Jean, the Honorary President of the Coimbra Group, and Rector Rosario Rizzuto on behalf of the University of Padova, one of the founders of the Venice International University.

The seminar brought together twenty-five Coimbra Group universities with representatives of European organisations such as the European Commission, the League of European Research Universities, the Guild of Research-Intensive Universities and UNICA.

The afternoon saw two inspiring presentations from Senior Adviser to the Commissioner, Prof. Maria da Graça Carvalho setting the scene with the three “O”s, open innovation, open science and open to the world, while Dr Wilhelm Krull underlined the importance of training people, of nurturing the innovation that comes from human creativity.

The panel discussion brought the speakers together with Rector Rizzuto, Vice-President Lokesh Joshi from Galway and Prof. Deketelaere from LERU.

The second day concentrated on the theme of research infrastructures, with an introductory presentation from David Bohmert, who represents the Swiss National Science Foundation on the ESFRI Board, the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures, followed by Dr Jennifer Edmonds from Trinity College Dublin and Prof. Paul Bertrand from University of Louvain on DARIAH, Digital Research Infrastructures for the Arts and Humanities. Rector Žukauskas from Vilnius University presented the shared infrastructures at his university, and Prof. Serge Huberson looked at the international cooperation level and the questions of sustainability.

You will find the presentations below:

Dr W. Krull

Prof. M. da Graça Carvalho

Dr J. Edmond DARIAH

ESFRI D. Bohmert

Prof. P. Bertrand DARIAH

Prof. S. Huberson

Rector A. Zukauskas Vilnius Case Study