The Coimbra Group logo



The Coimbra Group logo comprises two different elements: the six stars, the name of the institution and the tagline that defines our group: “A Tradition of Innovation”.

It has been designed based on the core values the Coimbra Group: internationalisation, academic collaboration, excellence in learning and research, and service to society.





The Coimbra Group logo uses one unique colour, a specific Blue, to ensure perfect readability and identification of the institution: Pantone 280 / 282.



Québec has been chosen as the typeface in which the institution’s name is written in the logo. Québec is released under SIL Open Font License, v1.1. Alternatively, the Microsoft Word font Calibri can also be used.

The tagline is very precisely positioned, centrally aligned to the logo.

In order to see the different elements as a whole and to achieve balance, it is mandatory to respect these alignment and positioning specifications.



On dark backgrounds the logo needs to be inverted. In this version the logo elements are pure white.



When working on coloured backgrounds, determining which version of the logo to use is a decision based on common sense.

The goal is to have all the elements of the logo visible and the name of the institution and tagline perfectly readable.



The minimum logo size cannot be any smaller than 15 mm.

No smaller size is permitted, so as to ensure that the text is clearly readable.

For cases where the logo needs to appear on very small surfaces it is recommended to use the mute logo. (Please refer to the mute logo section below).



The logo should always be surrounded by clear space, which will ensure that the logo characteristics will be preserved and noticed.

The clear space has been established to ensure logo visibility and impact. Maintaining the clear space zone between the logo and other graphic elements such as type, images, other logos, etc. ensures that the logo always appears unobstructed and distinctly separate from any other graphic elements. The size of the clear space is variable and relative to the logo size, but never less than 3 mm.

The clear space rule applies to the space between the logo and other elements as well as to the distance between the logo and the margin of the document.



For special situations where the rules set up in this visual style guide might not allow the use of the complete logo, an alternative mute logo has been developed.

The mute logo comprises only the stars and the name of the Coimbra Group of Universities. The mute logo should not have less than 10 mm to ensure readability.

This mute logo can be used for situations where there is not enough space to use the complete logo.

Same rules for the logo apply to the mute logo regarding colour, proportion, negative version, background and clear space area.



The logo was designed with certain rules of proportion and with careful consideration regarding colours and typeface. To preserve the integrity of the logo, modifying it in any way is not permitted.

The logo is provided in all the necessary versions and formats.

  • Don’t distort the logo;
  • Don’t change the alignment of the text;
  • Don’t capitalize the text;
  • Don’t change the typeface;
  • Don’t change the colours of the logo;
  • Don’t use drop shadow;
  • Don’t associate website addresses with the logo.



The logo is provided in multiple file formats in order to ensure consistent reproduction on various supports.



application: print
resolution: vector – resolution independent
usage: Encapsulated PostScript is a vector format designed for printing to PostScript printers and image-setters. It is recommended to be used for all professionally printed materials. The files can be manipulated and viewed only with professional graphic software such as Adobe Illustrator.


application: print
resolution: vector – resolution independent
usage: PDF logo files are vector files and can be used by printers or designers, and for general document distribution. They have the advantages of the EPS format, but they have a smaller file size, they are easy to send by email and are viewable without professional graphic software.


application: digital
resolution: low
usage: These pixel-based logos are for use within screen-based applications (such as websites and PowerPoint presentations) and internal applications where high quality is not required (such as Word).
PNG has the advantage of using a transparent background, unlike JPEG, thus avoiding the white block effect when placed over a background image or colour.


Download CG logo

Standard logo: text blue w/ transparent background EPS



Logo text white w/ transparent background EPS


Logo text blue w/ white background EPS



Mute logo blue w/ transparent background EPS



Mute logo white w/ blue background EPS