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Follow-up: “Internationalising Higher Education: Safety Abroad, Interculturality at Home”

20 December 2022

The final Multiplier Event for two projects, UNISAFE and TICKET, took place on the 13th December, at the University Foundation (Brussels). The event gathered almost 100 people and raised a lot of interest.

You will find below the slides from the event, as well as links for the project outputs.



  • The TICKET Training Programme on Intercultural Competence is now live and you can request access to it using this form.
    • *Please note that due to the winter holidays, you may not be added to the Training Programme platform until early January
    • Once you have spent some time on the training programme, you can take the TICKET self-assessment questionnaire by January 16th 2023 in order to receive a certificate
  • The TICKET Staff Toolkit is also ready to use now, offering webinars on other projects and resources organised by thematic area
  • Our project Handbook, where you can learn more about each of the project resources and how you can use them, is now available for download.
  • TICKET will continue with more training opportunities available in future years, so if you would like to keep up-to-date with further developments please join our Community of Practice on LinkedIn.
  • Please find here the slides from the TICKET portion of the event
  • For any further questions regarding TICKET, please email goabroadprojects@ed.ac.uk.

The UNISAFE and TICKET Projects