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St. Petersburg State University suspended from Coimbra Group

10 March 2022

The Coimbra Group Executive Board issued two statements, on February 25 and March 2, on the unprovoked war against Ukraine launched by the government of the Russian Federation.

The Rector of St. Petersburg State University (SPbU), a member of Coimbra Group, co-signed on March 4 a public statement by the Russian Union of Rectors backing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and going explicitly against the values that the Coimbra Group stands for, among which are academic freedom, institutional autonomy, democracy and peace.

Therefore, the Coimbra Group Executive Board unanimously decided at an extraordinary meeting today to suspend the membership of SPbU for an indefinite period of time. This suspension will apply until SPbU complies again with the values of the Coimbra Group.

This unprecedented decision in the history of the Coimbra Group targets the SPbU institution only. The Coimbra Group believes that individual cultural, academic and scientific cooperation should remain the very last bridge between our communities no matter the geopolitical circumstances. This decision does not jeopardize in any manner Coimbra Group’s inclusiveness and solidarity with all those individually impacted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as those opposing the war, whatever their nationality.

The Coimbra Group firmly stands with its members in support of all efforts aimed at ensuring safety, humanitarian assistance, care and continuity of education, learning and research activities of students, academics, university staff and citizens in general.

Read the PDF Statement here