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Scientific Heritage of Coimbra Group Universities

21 September 2021

An event celebrating the “scientific heritage” of the Coimbra Group universities will take place at UCLouvain on 22 October 2021. This workshop is the final meeting of the project Fonds d’Appui à l’Internationalisation, funded by the UCLouvain, the aim of which is to strengthen research collaboration in mathematics with the University of Coimbra, the University of Padova and the University of Poitiers. The talks at this workshop will highlight the contributions of a number of great scientists who were professors in these universities. Their views of the notion of truth in Science, Philosophy and Religion will also be discussed. The interventions by professors Dominique Lambert (University of Namur), João Filipe Queiró (University of Coimbra) and Jean-Michel Counet (UCLOuvain) will be followed by a round table on these subjects, moderated by professor Jan Govaerts (UCLouvain).

A meeting of the STEM Working Group of the Coimbra Group is scheduled to take place on the following day, 23 October.

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