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Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence in Universities

24 November 2023

Workshop and Conference organized by the Research Support Officers Working Group

The conference on the “Responsible Use of AI in Universities”, held at Charles University on 23 November, attracted 110 registered participants from 29 universities, ministries (6), the Czech Academy of Sciences, and 3 private companies. The event provided a comprehensive exploration of the responsible integration of AI into academic settings, addressing both its advantages and challenges. Coimbra Group (CG) Brussels Office Director Emmanuelle Gardan, in her welcome remarks, underscored the topic’s relevance for CG. AI is now a priority for many CG Working Groups and it has grown in importance at policy level as demonstrated for instance by the ongoing work under the European Research Forum.

Prof. Ladislav Krištoufek, the Vice-Rector for Research at Charles University, set an optimistic tone in the opening address. He viewed large language models as tools capable of equalizing opportunities and shifting focus onto science. Ondřej Bojar and Ondřej Dušek delved into the mechanisms of machine learning, offering insights into the possibilities and limitations of Large Language Models based on their research. Ondřej Hrách highlighted the risks associated with AI-generated misinformation and deepfakes, emphasizing potential negative impacts on information integrity.

Prof. Julie Weeds discussed AI’s role in research, presenting a case study on its supportive and inspiring function in scientific endeavors. However, she noted the need for further development to ensure the verifiability of results from Large Language Models. David Arranz, policy officer at DG RTD, provided a European perspective by outlining the Commission’s strategy and vision for AI in science. He emphasized AI’s potential as a significant opportunity for universities and detailed support mechanisms, including guidelines, policies, and funding for research projects.

The panel discussion focused on dealing with the rapid development of AI, with the key takeaway being the importance of maintaining calm and promoting AI literacy. The Coimbra-Group expressed gratitude to Vice-Rector Prof. Ladislav Krištoufek for the invitation and Adéla Jiroudková for the excellent event organization. They acknowledged the event’s contribution to boosting AI literacy among participants, particularly benefiting the Research Support Officers Working Group by providing a solid foundation for their work research advocacy and inclusion in research support efforts.

Workshop: Artificial Intelligence in Research Support

On 22 November, members of the Research Support Officers Working Group gathered at Charles University for a workshop led by Ondřej Hrách from Aignos. The session provided hands-on experience with AI applications, particularly focusing on ChatGPT and other large language models.


  • WG members explored a spectrum of AI tools for various use cases, including text, images, voice, and video.
  • Attendees actively tested the possibilities and limitations of large language models through live exercises.
  • Ondřej Hrách shared practical guidelines on optimizing prompts for successful AI interactions.
  • Participants engaged in discussions to identify diverse use cases where AI, including ChatGPT and other text generators, can contribute to research support.

This workshop provided a great boost in practical knowledge, benefiting all participants in their work. We want to thank Vice-Rector Prof. Ladislav Krištoufek for the kind invitation and Adéla Jiroudková for the successful organization.