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Research Support Officers Working Group tackles Artificial Intelligence

21 September 2023

The Coimbra Group Research Support Officers Working Group (RSO WG) is organising, in partnership with our member Charles University Prague, two different events with focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), on 22-23 November 2023.

On the 23 November, Charles University Prague will host the Conference “Responsible Use of AI in Universities”. The full-day event will cover topics such as Machine Translation and Conversational Agents, Natural Language Generation for Local Languages, Deepfakes and AI-generated misinformation, Ethics of AI and AI Policy in the European Context. At the end of the day, the Future of Responsible AI in Universities will be the topic for a panel discussion. You can find the draft programme for the conference here. Attendance to the conference is free but registration is mandatory through this link.

An Educational workshop on ChatGPT and other text generators will take place in the afternoon of the day before, 22 November, for a limited audience. This session will focus on an introduction to the context of AI and text generators, a broad overview of the potential of ChatGPT and other text generators (e.g. Bing Chat, Bard, Claude) and a glimpse of other useful AI applications (such as image and video generators, voice synthesis…). Priority is given to the members of the Research Support Officers Working Group.

For more information on the conference, please contact the Vice-Chair of RSO WG, Adéla Jiroudková or the Coimbra Group Office.