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21 September 2016

SEUSISS (Survey of European Universities – ICT Skills for Students & Staff) was a multinational project funded by the EU under the Socrates Programme. The project conducted investigations about the ICT experience, skills, confidences and attitudes of students and academic staff at the participating universities. We also worked with senior management of these universities to ascertain the ICT skills which they expect their first degree-students and other graduates, and hence staff, to have and the strategies (procedures and mechanisms) which they apply to achieve these goals. We worked with the participating universities to devise appropriate skills profiles for graduates in a 5 to 10 years perspective. Major and local employers of the graduate of these universities have also been contacted to ascertain their needs with respect to ICT skills profiles in new recruits of all types and ages and their perception on their changing needs in across a 5-10 year period.

Outcome: The project produced a comparative qualitative and quantitative report on the findings for Rectors and senior staff of Universities. A one-day seminar was held for senior staff to engage them in discussions of the broader applicability of the findings and to aid us in creating a good practice guide to the development of ICT skills strategies for universities.