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Navigating your career: 1st Coimbra Group-UNICA joint training workshop for Phd candidates

18 October 2015

Date : 18-21 October 2015
Organizer: University of Zagreb
Venue: Centre for Advanced Academic Studies, Dubrovnik
Address: Don Frana Bulica 7, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia


Final programme – published 5/10/2015

Practical information

During the PhD journey, PhD candidates have to get used to facing the unknown. In fact, solving difficult problems, searching and identifying opportunities, and adapting to changing environments are key competences a PhD candidate gains when moving forward on her or his PhD trajectory. Later, when they have successfully defended their PhD, they are again confronted with the unknown: their future career in a global job market which is at the same time a threat and an opportunity. Statistics provide evidence that a large majority of PhD holders will have to find a job outside the university and in particular outside the institution they graduated from. Some may start their own business, others will go abroad to stay in academia. Despite this huge variety of yet unexplored options, a first career decision must be made. What are the realistic career prospects? How to know what is the most appropriate pathway to aim for? Where are all these career opportunities for critical thinking problem solvers and how to identify them? How to get rid of the bitter taste of failure when PhD holders leave academia? How to connect the PhD holders’ strengths with employers’ needs and expectations, either in or outside academia?

The purpose of this jointly organised workshop is to gather PhD candidates from two university networks in a highly international setting to discuss and exchange career related issues. The 3 ½ day programme includes presentations from key note speakers, training sessions aimed to improve specific competences, debates and space for self-assessment and reflection. The workshop intends to empower PhD candidates to take future career decisions through learning outcomes such as:

  • Better understanding universities’ recruitment strategies,
  • Building a network of international peers,
  • Learning how to function in international teams,
  • Being exposed to acting outside the research environment comfort zone,
  • Getting acquainted with different approaches to support career planning at other universities,
  • Reflecting on one’s individual situation in an international context ,
  • Discussing and sharing views about tensions between cooperation and competition,
  • Identifying career opportunities by learning from examples,
  • Enhancing self-confidence and self-awareness

Applications are now closed.

The fee for the training workshop is €500 and includes accommodation (4 nights) at the CAAS Residence, meals (breakfasts, coffee breaks, lunches, 2 dinners) and participation in the social programme.

The Coimbra Group Office (for Coimbra Group member universities: tanase@coimbra-group.eu) and the UNICA Secretariat (for UNICA member universities: office@unica-network.eu) are at your disposal for any question you may have.