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Joint statement on UK participation in Horizon Europe

28 July 2020

The Coimbra Group has joined over a hundred organisations and individuals in signing a statement coordinated in July by the British foundation Wellcome Trust. This statement advocates for a quick agreement on UK participation in Horizon Europe and advances a number of solutions to some of the remaining sticking points in the negotiations, including:

  • Demonstrating commitment to the programme
  • Ensuring a fair financial contribution through a “two-way” correction mechanism
  • Accepting EU oversight of the use of programme funds
  • Agreeing to introduce reciprocal mobility arrangements to support the programme
  • Clarifying that the results of research can be exploited beyond the EU.

The fifth round of UK-EU Future Relationship negotiations took place on 20 – 23 July 2020. The next negotiating round is planned to start on 17 August.
The possibility for UK universities to continue to collaborate fully and on an equal footing with their EU and associated partners in European research programmes (e.g. Horizon Europe), as well as programmes that support student and staff mobility (e.g. ERASMUS+), is a major concern for the Coimbra Group (see Coimbra Group Statement on Brexit).


Joint Statement “Securing a strong outcome for research in the EU-UK future relationship: Reaching an agreement on UK participation in Horizon Europe”