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CG Education Innovation Working Group Seminar on Learning Analytics

30 March 2023

The Coimbra Group Education Innovation Working Group, together with the University of Poitiers, is organizing a Seminar on Learning Analytics on Thursday, 30th March in Poitiers.

In the context of the digitalisation of higher education, learning analytics is a more and more prolific research and innovation domain. Organized by the Education Innovation Working Group and the University of Poitiers, the seminar will present some innovations regarding Learning Analytics and how to use the data that are already collected in the digital platform. Those data constitute a Big Data repository of students’ learning experiences in universities. But how can we deal with those and present them to teachers and students to help students progress and acquire skills? In this seminar, we will exchange on some specific topics related to digital data and artificial intelligence algorithms.

The event aims to create a discussion between European partners on the different topics related to learning analytics and see how they can be used to improve student engagement and success. In the morning, four keynote speakers from, a.i., the University of Luxembourg and EDEN Digital Education Europe, will present on Learning Analytics, addressing questions about using the data ethically and responsibly and dealing with new AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, in Higher Education. In the afternoon, participants will work more interactively to discuss various topics related to Learning Analytics, focusing on the ethical point of view, data and results presentation, students’ and teachers’ engagement with Learning Analytics and Learning Outcomes from Learning Analytics dashboards.

The full programme and further information are available here. The Seminar is open to interested participants. To attend, please fill out the registration form before 10th March. For additional questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with François Lecellier, Vice-Chair of CG Education Innovation Working Group.