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Conserving the built heritage in Universities: Renovation of Museums, Libraries, Archives and Collections

23 October 2018

The Heritage Working Group is organising the seminar “Conserving the built heritage in Universities: Renovation of Museums, Libraries, Archives and Collections”, which will be kindly hosted by the University of Graz on 23 October 2018.

Universities are constantly challenged to manage and preserve their heritage built environment, reinventing its use and opening up access to increasingly wider audiences. Major renovation of historical buildings to house or rehouse museums, libraries, archives, collections and other learning activities are amongst the most desirable projects for architects and their teams. The work process involves a set of complex actions and decisions to be taken in advance and during the project development that imply specialized knowledge and experience to attain a successful outcome.
The goal of this seminar is to explore, discuss and share key issues around these subjects through the presentation of effective case studies of heritage conservation in Universities:

– Conservation versus Access, the impact of tourism on sensitive collections and buildings;

– Contemporary needs versus Authenticity, preserving the integrity and authenticity of spaces allowing for contemporary university uses;

– Sustainability versus Conservation, preserving the built heritage following sustainable and environmental friendly solutions that may inspire and motivate the community;

– University goals versus Conservation, the preservation of memory in historic buildings and sites and the contemporary learning, research and university strategic objectives.

The Heritage Working Group will hold their regular meeting the day before the seminar, on 22 October 2018. For further information about the seminar on 23 October, please contact quici@coimbra-group.eu

Seminar programme