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Cologne University-Coimbra Group lecture series: “Narratives of Europe, Narratives for Europe”

28 February 2019

In light of the elections for European Parliament, the University of Cologne is organising, together with the Coimbra Group, an unprecedented initiative on views on European Integration within the EU member states. This lecture series will start on Tuesday, 2 April 2019, at 6 pm (CET) and will continue every Tuesday until 9 July 2019. Nineteen of the twenty-five speakers are from Coimbra Group member universities.
The entire lecture series will be broadcast live on the Internet, using the web conferencing tool “Adobe Connect”. All CG member Universities are invited to join and transmit the lectures to a local lecture hall. Furthermore, the series will be published as a video podcast on the Coimbra Group’s YouTube channel. All lectures will be made available in a Playlist.
For more information and the complete programme, please visit the website: https://www.portal.uni-koeln.de/europeannarratives.html. For any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact johannes.mueller@uni-koeln.de or moleiro@coimbra-group.eu.