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Coimbra Group Training Course on Curriculum Development and Internationalisation Processes

11 March 2018

University of Mandalay, Myanmar, 11-15 March 2018

Following an initiative of the Coimbra Group Development Cooperation Working Group, the universities of Bologna, Granada and Vilnius have organised a one-week training course geared towards higher education institutions in Myanmar.

This course, held in Mandalay from March 11 until March 15, aims to train 30 top level professors from Myanmar in curricula design, using a student-centred approach based on learning outcomes. The participating European partners will then introduce the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility scheme, its aims, procedures and main documents. This training event will close with an open day during which representatives from other universities in the region will have the opportunity to meet and introduce their institutions to the Coimbra Group partners. The topics addressed during the training sessions and the open day will contribute to foster collaboration between the Coimbra Group partners involved and universities in Myanmar.