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Coimbra Group represented on DG EAC working groups

18 October 2018

As part of the priorities of the Coimbra Group, a renewed and strengthened role of universities in the Bologna Process already formed part of the discussions in Salamanca and has been close to Coimbra Group hearts for the past several years. To the education policy priorities since the Closed Rectors’ meeting in Salamanca, was added support to the shaping of the Alliances of European Universities.

It has therefore been an opportunity for the Coimbra Group when the Directorate-General Education and Culture (DG EAC) asked Prof. Ludovic Thilly to represent the Coimbra Group Universities in a new working group II recently created on “Cooperation projects – Working Group II – key action 2 topics such as monitoring content, developing clustering, disseminating and further exploiting outcomes, and impact”.

The working group aims at reflecting on how to better implement the Erasmus+ Programme and tackle emerging priority issues, both under the final years of the existing programme and in co-creating the new programme for 2020 and beyond. The first meeting will be on 6 November and the agenda includes ” Alliances of European Universities”.

As part of the Bologna Process goals were the facilitation of mobility and mutual recognition of diploma, and the Executive Board immediately accepted to send a representative to another new working group established by DG EAC, “Making mobility a reality for all – Working Group I – key action 1 topics such as inclusion, digitalisation, simplification, recognition and traineeships”. As the EB contact person to the AEM WG, Academic Exchange and Mobility, Prof. Luca Verzichelli was the obvious choice to represent the Coimbra Group Universities. The aims of the working group are to accompany the development of mobility and automatic recognition, as well as other topics belonging to the Bologna Process. The first meeting was on 15 October.

We look forward to hearing about the outcome of the working groups over the coming months.