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Coimbra Group joins the conversation on Open Science

14 February 2024

1.    Since 1985 the Coimbra Group Universities have been recognized for embracing tradition to foster innovation.  In 2021, we engaged our members in constructive discussions about the future of research assessment. With their support we participated in the drafting of the European Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment and in the creation of the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA), which we have joined as a founding member.

2.   Today, we take another step and announce our strong support for the movement towards open research information – defined as information relating to the conduct and communication of research, currently unfolding in the higher education sector. That includes more open and transparent University rankings

3.  The Coimbra Group stresses that transitions in how research information is provided must respect the equal importance of all disciplines, including the Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts.

4.  We shall contribute to the European conversation on open research information and related issues. We will bring to these discussions the diversity of perspectives and the expertise available in our network of leading long-established European comprehensive universities.

5.  Coimbra Group is equally proud to announce its support of the initiative “More Than Our Rank developed in response to some of the problematic features and effects of the global university rankings. By supporting this initiative, we are demonstrating a commitment to responsible assessment and to acknowledging a broader and more diverse definition of institutional success. We look forward to engaging with like-minded institutions and umbrella organisations shaping this global community.

6.  We stand ready to participate in the future at the forefront of other relevant collective initiatives.

7.  We will raise awareness among our members of the importance of Open Science and will actively promote dialogue on this important topic.

8. For our members we will facilitate a deeper understanding of the issues and opportunities at stake, in the full respect of each individual institution’s strategy – as we have always done.

9.  We shall gently nudge our communities by engaging both the management level and the academics and administrative staff active through our thematic Working Groups and by offering our trustful collaborative environment for mutual learning and exchange of experience.

This statement is the result of constructive and focused discussions of members of the Coimbra Group Executive Board and Coimbra Group Rectors’ Advisory Group in the past months, with the input of experts from the wider higher education community.

— Coimbra Group Executive Board
— Coimbra Group Rectors’ Advisory Group

Rectors’ Advisory Group Members

Rector Joybrato Mukherjee (CG Honorary President) University of Cologne, Germany

Rector Joan Guàrdia Olmos, University of Barcelona, Spain

Rector Margareth Hagen, University of Bergen, Norway

Rector Jukka Kola, University of Turku, Finland

Rector Milena Králíčková, Charles University, Prague, Czechia

Rector Giovanni Molari, University of Bologna, Italy

President Annetje Ottow, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Executive Board Members

Prof. Ludovic Thilly (Chair), University of Poitiers, France

Prof. Beatrix Busse (Vice-Chair), University of Cologne, Germany

Prof. Piia Björn, University of Turku, Finland

Prof. Daniel Donoghue, Durham University, United Kingdom

Prof. Coco Norén, Uppsala University, Sweden

Prof. Dorota Malec, Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland

Prof. João Ramalho-Santos, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Prof. Lenka Rovná, Charles University, Czech Republic

Prof. Efrem Yildiz Sadak, University of Salamanca, Spain