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CG note on “Monitoring the Horizon 2020 Application and Evaluation Process”

08 April 2015

The Executive Board of the Coimbra Group is pleased to publish the Monitoring note as one of the outcomes of our high-level seminar on research policies held on 30-31 October last year: “Horizons 2015: First Experiences, Emerging Expectations”; Horizon 2020 from the perspective of European Research Universities. The note is produced by research support officers at Coimbra Group Universities, responsible for the handling of Horizon 2020 applications at their individual universities.
It is our hope that the note can contribute to the further development of the Horizon 2020Programme and the updating of evaluation and assessment procedures.
Another initiative taken by the research support officers is a seminar on impact, which will be held at Aarhus University in May. Further information will be available mid-April.

Monitoring the Horizon 2020 Application and Evaluation Process
Letter from EU commissioner Carlos Moedasin response to CG note on Monitoring the Horizon 2020 Application and Evaluation Process