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CG High-Level Seminar for Rectors and Vice-Rectors on Education Policy

18 September 2017

13-14 November 2017, Trinity College Dublin

This event will bring together Rectors and Vice-Rectors of the 39 Coimbra Group universities as well as representatives of key stakeholders in higher education policy and in industry.

The Dublin seminar continues the annual tradition of Coimbra Group high-level policy seminars addressing issues of key concerns in, alternately, education and research policies. Within our alternating biannual structure this year’s seminar has its focus on Education Policy and the chosen topic is “Internationalisation of the Curriculum”.

We will discuss how internationalisation strategies and policies at our universities are and can be reflected in the curriculum, campus life and wider activities of the universities. Aspects discussed at the seminar will include ‘internationalisation at home’ and ‘mobility of minds’, i.e. the embedding of internationalisation in the curriculum for all students; the role of co- and extra-curricular activities; student societies and student life; virtual mobility; managing diversity of learning styles and intellectual approaches; intercultural communication; English as a medium of instruction.

For further information, please contact Ms Anna Quici at the CG Office (quici@coimbra-group.eu)