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CG Administrative and Financial Committee welcomes two new members

07 March 2024

Two new members were appointed on the Coimbra Group Administrative and Financial Committee (AFC) by the Executive Board (EB) in March 2024. This decision follows an open call for expression of interest issued in January and circulated to the Rectors of the Coimbra Group Universities. The EB is grateful to all the member institutions that have nominated candidates.

The newly appointed AFC members are Ms Ana Coimbra, currently Head of the Audit and Management Risk Prevention Office at the University of Coimbra, and Prof Geraint Howells, Executive Dean for Business, Public Policy, and Law at the University of Galway. They will each serve four-year terms.

The EB also agreed on appointing a new Chair for the AFC, Ms Patricia Pardon, Head of Project Administration and Head of Financial Monitoring of Projects and Contracts at KU Leuven, who has been serving on the AFC since 2021. Dr Markus Gelhoet, Head of the Department of Finances and Control at the University of Göttingen, will be stepping down after the 2024 CG General Assembly following a transition period where both the incoming and outgoing AFC Chairs will be cooperating to avoid any responsibility gap. The EB wishes to thank Dr Gelhoet for all his support and good work.

The full line up of members currently serving on the AFC looks as follows:

  • Markus Gelhoet (outgoing Chair), University of Göttingen – appointed in 2013, and as a Chair in 2017
  • Patricia Pardon (incoming Chair), KU Leuven – appointed in 2021, and as a Chair in 2024
  • Ana Coimbra, University of Coimbra – appointed in 2024
  • Danny Donoghue, Durham University, ex officio member, CG Treasurer since 2022
  • Geraint Howells, University of Galway – appointed in 2024
  • Jessica Levyne, UCLouvain – appointed in 2013

The AFC was established to support the EB in the administrative and financial management of our association. AFC members meet at least once a year, in the presence of certified auditors. Their role is to formulate advice to the EB on the accounts from the previous year and on the budget proposals for the current and forthcoming years to be submitted to the General Assembly. They may also deliberate on any other relevant financial or administrative matter, such as for instance the membership fee level or changes in the Statutes of the association.

The EB is thankful to all AFC members for their dedication and essential support to the Coimbra Group.

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