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Joint Call for an Ambitious Horizon Europe Budget

24 July 2019

The joint effort must be reinforced to achieve the transformation that Europe needs, in order to build a prosperous, safe, inclusive and sustainable future for the next generations. The EU Leaders have recognised this necessity during the Sibiu Summit, committing to stay united and build a Union fit for the future with the means to match these ambitions.

The call is open to receive support by organisations at national and European levels. We believe that the more organisations and institutions would adhere to these principles, the more likely our leaders at EU-level and in national contexts will be in a strong position to promote a higher budget for R&I.

The Coimbra Group highly encourages its members to sign the Call and to further disseminate it in their community of contacts, to gather as many supporting organisations as possible to achieve an adequate budget for research, innovation, and education.

  1. Should your organisation be willing to support publicly the Call, please contact Info@coimbra-group.eu indicating your organisation’s name and a contact person. Your organisation’s name will be then added to a list of signatories that will be made public early in September.

Joint Call for an Ambitious Horizon Europe Budget