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VICTORIOUS: Introduction
VICTORIOUS is an inter-university co-operation project partly funded by the European Commission under the eLearning Programme. From January 2005 to February 2007, nine universities of the Coimbra Group shared their experience and expertise, worked together to better understand the issues of virtual student mobility in Europe. This website aims at presenting the project, the partners, the activities and the main outcomes of the project.
  Coimbra Group (BE)
Egmontsraat 11, Brussels
Axelle Devaux ( )
Nathalie Sonveaux ( )

University of Bristol (UK)
Institute for Learning & Research Technology
8 –10 Berkeley Square
Bristol BS8 1HH
Tel: + 44 117 331 4282 / + 44 117 928 7068
Sue Timmis  (Sue.Timmis[at]
Jasper Tredgold (Jasper.Tredgold[at]


University of Edinburgh (UK)
Department of Higher & Community Education
Paterson’s Land – Holyrood Road
Edinburgh EH8 8AQ
Jeff Haywood (jeff.haywood[at]
Denise Haywood (denise.haywood[at]
University of Groningen (NL)
Centre for Learning & Teaching
PO box 800
9700 AV Groningen
Louwarnoud can der Duim (l.a.van.der.duim[at]

University of Granada (ES) - CEVUG
Hospital Real. Cuesta Hospicio sn°
18071 Granada
Isabel Pérez (iperez[at]

University of Leuven (BE) – AVNet
Kapeldreef 62, 3001 Leuven
Tel: + 32 16 327738
Nicola Mrose (nicola.mrose[at]

University of Pavia (IT)
Strada Nuova 106/c
27100 Pavia
Anthony Baldry (baldry[at]
University of Siena (IT)
Centro Linguistico di Ateneo
Piazza San Francesco 7 – 53100 Siena
Tel: + 39 0577232706 - 02
Cesare Zanca (zanca[at]

University of Tartu (EE)
Office of Academic Affairs
Ulikooli Str 18 - 50090 Tartu
Aune Valk (aune.valk[at]

University of Turku (FI)
20014 Turku
Matti Lappalainen
Tel: + 358 2 3336608




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