Coimbra Group Universities are important heritage institutions within their cities, regions, and countries and in their European dimensions. Throughout their history they have been stalwarts of both tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Today heritage constitutes an important resource for cultural identity, a sense of belonging and social cohesion. Coimbra Group Universities have a special responsibility for preserving and transmitting as well as articulating and interpreting cultural heritage and its manifold cultural, societal and economic benefits for society.      

Expected outcomes

- Increased sharing of information, good practices and joint activities in relation to heritage in general and more specifically in relation to their own heritage ensembles, museums, libraries, historic collections, historic buildings, academic rituals and special practices;

- Common approaches to heritage to assist Coimbra Group Universities and, more generally, the cultural heritage sector in meeting the challenges they face;

- Collaborative projects and grant applications relating to the preservation, interpretation, activation and transmission of cultural heritage;

- A greater degree of cooperation and coordination in the field of digital heritage; building capacity and advancing the field through joint activities and projects relating, among others, to increased dissemination of digital heritage and to widening access;

- Effective advice and support to the EB relating to policy aspects relating to cultural heritage and its role and benefits for societies and for Europe.

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