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YEBO! Workshop on International Collaborative PhD Programmes

26 June 2019

“YEBO!” project  partners from Europe and South Africa are meeting in Cape Town from 24th to 28th June to participate in the workshop ‘Developing a Toolbox for Managing International Collaborative PhD programmes’.

Integral to the internationalisation of PhD studies is the idea of student-supervisor interaction taking place across borders, nationalities and cultures. In addition, other stakeholders play a role when PhDs are internationalised. These stakeholders are located in different societal contexts, institutional contexts and strategies, disciplinary contexts and individual contexts. Given these different contexts, participation in the higher education system of different countries can sometimes mean that different and occasionally contradictory, norms, rules and regulations, legislative frameworks and educational traditions come into play. Indeed, this is true even at an inter-institutional level with in South Africa, let alone between countries.

This training workshop will look in some detail at international PhD engagement through the mode of joint enrolment at different partner institutions. It will seek to map the elements that need consideration when contemplating enrolling PhDs in this way and aim to provide a template or guideline for South African partners to use. The training workshop will also look at some specific challenges that impact in the different contexts, from the macro to the micro level. In conclusion, the workshop will also allow for some alternative models of supervisory training to be shared since adequate supervisory capacity development in the country is a particular pressure point in the South African context.

Dr Gunda Huskobla, Chair of the Doctoral Studies Working Group of the Coimbra Group and Administrative Director of Graduate Academy at the University of Jena, represents the Coimbra Group at this workshop.