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18 September 2016

The proposal originated from the collaboration of 5 international university networks:

  • EuroPACE
  • EUNITE (European Universities Network for IT in Education)
  • ECIU (European Consortium of Innovative Universiteis)
  • Coimbra Group
  • EUA (European University Association, merger between CRE and Confederation of EU Rectors’ Conferences)

One company was involved for services support as well:

  • EPYC, spin off company of EuroPACE, KU Leuven and Gemma Frisius Fund

This project positioned itself in the ongoing evolution in Europe, implementing ICT in education as a strategic issue for future university development. It wanted more precisely to contribute to the development of a EUROPEAN virtual UNIVERSITY (EvU), providing building blocks for extension of the idea of a EvU gateway (Sevilla meeting) into a fully functional collaborative environment.

The networks proposed to collaborate within the following three primary areas of activity:

1. The design of joint working practices, models and policies for distance and online education.
2. The development of teaching and learning services, building of the technical infrastructure for a cEVU.
3. The development for validation of new innovative online environments and materials (pilots).

The main objectives were the development of validated models and ideas for a European virtual university, based on regional and transnational collaboration between existing European universities, as part of their mainstream education in all subjects areas and levels, and founded in the use of innovative online pedagogy.