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In Memoriam: Mercedes López Roldán

22 April 2022

The Coimbra Group is deeply saddened by the news of the passing away of our dear friend and colleague Ms. Mercedes López Roldán, Director of the International Relations Office at Coimbra Group member the University of Granada.

The charismatic personality of Mercedes, her sympathy, dedication and kindness leave us all with many positive and good memories, and we are very thankful to have shared a part of her life. 

Mercedes will be sorely missed not only in the Academic Exchange and Mobility Working Group where her longstanding commitment was highly appreciated, but also in the whole Coimbra Group family. 

The Coimbra Group Universities, the members of the Executive Board of the Coimbra Group and the Brussels Office staff wish to convey their sincere condolences to Ms. López Roldán’s family, friends and colleagues and to the whole community at the University of Granada.