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Coimbra Group & Eurail together for a Greener Erasmus+

21 July 2021

We are delighted to announce a new pilot initiative between the Coimbra Group and Eurail, the company behind the Interrail Pass. All the Erasmus+ exchange students and staff from 28 Coimbra Group universities will be able to take advantage of what we consider might be a unique opportunity to align the Erasmus+ Programme with the Green Deal principles, during the academic year 2021/2022.

Existing data show that a whopping 75% of Erasmus+ participants takes the plane to travel to and from their exchange destinations. This contributes significantly to the European Union’s already substantial CO2 emissions.

The Coimbra Group has joined forces with Eurail to offer a unique opportunity for student and staff from the 28 Coimbra Group participating Universities – travelling on an Erasmus mobility – to purchase an Interrail mobile Global Pass with an important discount, and use it to travel by train to and/or from host university, as well as to use it to explore the richness that the host country (and beyond!) has to offer.


This promotion is available exclusively to Erasmus+ participants (students and staff) from the following 28 Coimbra Group Universities:


Passes can be purchased online on a dedicated landing page between 4th – 18th November 2021. If you are going on an Erasmus+ Exchange during the 2021/21 academic year and you are a student or staff member in one of the 28 Universities mentioned above, please contact your International Office for more details! Also check there if you are entitled to an extra financial aid for your green travel!

For other institutional information, please contact the Coimbra Group Office.