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Fill in the EUNIVERSE survey to Students & International Relations Staff!

14 May 2024

The ErasmusPlus EUNIVERSE project, rooted in European values and civic engagement, strives to improve institutional frameworks for international student mobility, emphasizing inclusion, perseverance, and success. By facilitating exchanges among mobility stakeholders, including students themselves, the project aims to nurture an environment conducive to the adoption and implementation of best practices within higher education institutions and beyond. Within this context, one of the first challenges the EUNIVERSE consortium wants to tackle is that of better integrating international students into local student life. This implies defining what integration is for students and institutions, recognizing the several internal and external barriers that might be hindering full integration, identifying if research has been carried out on the topic and if best practices, innovations and projects dedicated to analyzing and/or solving this issue exist in European or international institutions.

To gather insights into individual or institutional perspectives and ideas regarding this challenge, we invite you to participate to one of the following EUNIVERSE surveys:

International Relations Staff

We invite you to share insights in this survey on integration challenges for students. Your perspectives will shape strategies to foster a more inclusive environment; potential research, studies or best practices will help stakeholders analyze their own contexts and situations. Your contribution will help the EUNIVERSE consortium shape methodologies and workshops that could be used in diverse fields of education to advance the issue of integration of international students within European institutions.


Whether you are a local or international student, we invite you to share your views and experiences on integration challenges you face and ideas for improvement that you would like to suggest. Your contribution will guide initiatives to create workshops based on the needs you have expressed, to enhance the student experience in European institutions and to promote cross-cultural understanding, fostering a more cohesive and welcoming student community.

The results of the survey will be analyzed and shared on EUNIVERSE website and through several channels of communication. Follow us on social media to be informed about the results.