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Career services in times of Covid-19: Challenges, Responses and Best Practices

29 March 2021

The Coimbra Group is pleased to announce the publication of the report “Career services in times of Covid-19: Challenges, Responses and Best Practices”, developed within our Employability Working Group.
Covid-19 has changed the setting of the labour market, impacting also on students’ employability. It required University career services to deal in a new way with students and recruiters.

This report draws on the experiences of career services in Coimbra Group universities from across Europe, in responding to the challenges and opportunities created for students, graduates, employers and staff. It supports knowledge and practice sharing and underscores the position of career services at the nexus of student, university and employer relations.

“The crisis highlighted the unique and important role of career services in being the connector between employers, students and academia during this difficult time. Our added-value as facilitators and connectors gained traction during this time of isolation and career services more than ever have provided inclusive services, and ensured help for those students whose areas of work were particularly impacted by the crisis. EU policy makers should support employment, employability and career services within Universities in order to avoid a scenario in which the Covid-19 graduates becomes a lost generation in the labour market.”

Career services in times of Covid-19