European Neighbourhood

Chairperson: Artur Schmitt, University of Granada (dirinternational[at]

Contact person in the CG office: Anna Quici (quici[at]

The European Neighbourhood Task Force (EN TF) is an External Relations Task Force that complements the worldwide internationalisation activities undertaken by the Coimbra Group and its member universities in neighbouring countries.
The EN TF brings together the experience and expertise of Coimbra Group universities in cooperating with institutions involved in higher education in neighbouring countries and will facilitate, support and undertake new collaboration projects. The purposes of such initiatives are to promote international academic cooperation and intercultural dialogue in general, and develop links with and among Coimbra Group universities in particular. The task of the EN TF is also to raise awareness about the Coimbra Group among institutions in neighbouring countries. At the same time, the Task Force aims at improving knowledge about the universities from the targeted regions among the Coimbra Group members. An event and project oriented approach is the main working principle of the TF EN.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Related Projects

Coimbra Group Hospitality Scheme (now Coimbra Group Scholarship Programme for the European Neighbourhood)



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