Employability and Career Guidance

Chairperson: Costanza Consolandi (costanza.consolandi[at]unisi.it)

Contact person in the CG office: Catarina Moleiro (moleiro[at]coimbra-group.eu)

The Employability and Career Guidance Task Force (ECG TF) is a network of
Careers Services at Coimbra Group Universities, which manage Careers Services,
with the purpose of linking educational and professional activities before and after
graduation, co-operating to develop expertise in a European framework and
improving the employability of their students and graduates.
The ECG TF will jointly develop and implement European careers’ related projects,
exchange information within a mutually supportive framework on the organisation of
the services and innovative practices, and advise educational staff about integrated
curricula and labour market preparation.
The ECG will co-operate with other Coimbra Group Task Forces and liaise with
networks at international and national level to accelerate the development of careers
related activities and to enhance student employability.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Working Documents

Internal Working documents are only available for CG members via intranet.


Links to Career Centres at the CG Universities



Contact person


Josephine Walsh Josephine.walsh@nuigalway.ie


Inmaculada Yuste Martínez erasmuspracticas@ugr.es


Gilda Rota gilda.rota@unipd.it

- Placement services for students and graduates

- Placement services for companies

Emanuela Dedé emanuela.dede@unipv.it


Mili Pizarro mili@usal.es


Daniela Bellucci daniela.bellucci@unisi.it


Janne Loikkanen janne.loikkanen@utu.fi


Charlotte Nordgren charlotte.nordgren@uadm.uu.se



ECG TF Best Practices - Career Guide 2014


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