Doctoral Studies and Research

Chairperson: Jean-Marie Pincemin (jean.marie.pincemin[at]

Contact person in the CG office: Inge Knudsen (knudsen[at]

The Doctoral Studies and Research Task Force will support and advise the Coimbra Group universities in the organisation of doctoral studies, in the support and management of research programmes and the transfer of the outcomes of research to society and economy. The Task Force will seek to contribute to European policy making in the further implementation of the Bologna reform of the third cycle of higher education and in the promotion of closer links between the European Higher Education Area and European Research Area.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement


CG Comments Researcher Careers

Co-Supervision Template (June 2010)

Doctoral Studies Position Paper

Bergen Report

CG Response - Green Paper - Annex (31 August 2007)

CG Response - Green Paper (31 August 2007)

Other working documents are only available for CG members via intranet.

 Doctoral Programmes


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