Culture, Arts and Humanities

Chairperson: Juan Luis Garcia Alonso, University of Salamanca (jlga[at]

Contact person in the CG Office: Anna Quici (quici[at]

The task of the Culture, Arts and Humanities Task Force is to foster cultural expertise and creativity within the teaching and research of the Coimbra Group universities, raising awareness of the central contribution of culture to processes of identity formation, the selfdefinition of societies, the reflection of their values and the commitment to cultural and

linguistic diversity. Based on the cultural heritage of the Coimbra Group Universities, the
Task Force seeks to explore the ways in which the traditional role of European historical
universities in shaping European culture can be continued in the 21st century.
It is also the task of the Culture, Arts and Humanities Task Force to contribute to the
reflection of the changing conditions of the Arts and Humanities sector, and to advocate, in
the light of present reform processes in education and research and based on experiences of the Coimbra Group Universities, the centrality of the Arts and Humanities for European
universities and societies.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement


- CG Humanities Policy Seminar "Interdisciplinarity in the Humanities" (Trinity College, Dublin, 28 March 2014)

- Culture, Arts and Humanities Task Force seminar “Identity(ies): a multicultural approach” (University of Coimbra, 7-9 November 2013)

- Language and Identity Symposium, University of Tartu, 20-22 October 2011,

- Norms and Values in Arts and Culture (University of Jena, 6-7 November 2009)

Report from Workshop on Norms and Values in Arts and Culture

- Quality Culture and Excellence at Universities (University of Iasi, 14-15 November 2008)

- CG Workshop on Research Evaluation, Metrics and Open Access in the Humanities (Trinity College, Dublin, 18-20 September 2008)

Workshop Programme



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