Documents that have been produced in the course of the REABP project can be downloaded here. We are keen on disseminating the methodology and results of the project. The documents you can find in this section are:

1) Questionnaire for employers
2) National Reports
3) Final Meeting in Bruxelles
4) REABP Leaflet

1) Questionnaire for employers
The questionnaire was developed in co-operation with the ‘Raising Employers’ Awareness about Bologna Process’ project partners involving other Coimbra Group universities members of the Career Guidance Working Party during the springtime 2006.
The questionnaire was aimed to find out what employers know about the Bologna process, and what information they would like to know/need to know from a labour market point of view. Questions especially focused on employability and employment of graduates with different level of education (bachelor, master, polytechnic...).

The questionnaire has been divided into four sections:
• Company/Organisation
• Labour force
• European Educational Reform
• Needs of Companies (in terms of information andother requirements)

Partners used various methods in collecting the information from the employers in each region. Internet-based survey software was used in Finland and in Italy whereas in the UK and in France the questionnaires were posted to selected employers. In the UK the questionnaire was slightly modified, but the questions regarding the awareness about Bologna Process were the same.

Response rates varied from around 10% in France and in the UK, some 20% in Finland to more than 70% in Italy. Despite of the fact that response rates were not high in general (with the notable exception of Italy), the total number of employers responding the questionnaire is more than 500 and they represent the most important sectors of graduate labour market. The division of the organizations by the size (number of personnel) varied as well. The companies were mainly Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) with less than 250 employees. In Italy, three out of four responding companies had less than 50 employees.

Download the questionnaire


2) National Reports

Click on the links below to download the reports of the project.

University of Bristol Report

University of Padova Report

University of Poitiers Report

University of Turku Report

Preliminary Common Report


3) Final Seminar in Brussels

The project Final Seminar took place in Brussels on Monday 12 March 2007 from 2pm to 6pm.
Location: University Foundation

Programme of the Final Seminar








Final Report

4) REABP Leaflet
Click on the link below to download the REABP leaflet

Leaflet for UNIVERSITIES (Blue) and for EMPLOYERS (red)



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