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Contact person for REABP is Axelle Devaux:


It brings together four member universities, represented by their career service:

The University of Bristol, UK

The University of Bristol Careers service operates on both a national and international basis, both in terms of vocational guidance to students and in employer liaison. It has been involved in a variety of international projects most recently in Croatia Bulgaria and Romania and has considerable experience of working with employers both at a local national and international level.
Office’s Website
Referent: Prof. Brian Staines

The University of Padova, IT

The Career Service of the University of Padova is a central structure addressed to students and graduates for promoting internship and placement offer and demand to production companies, public and professional organisations in Italy and abroad, and for matching offer and demand of internship and placement of students and graduates. The Career Service organizes exchanges, visits and workshops to develop their skills, support and tutor them at all stages of the career decision making process. It assists students and graduates through counselling concerning the job market and the professional activities.
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Referent: Ms. Gilda Rota

The University of Poitiers, FR

Planète Info, the educational guidance and career service of the University of Poitiers, was set up in 1977. The service provides information on higher education at the University of Poitiers, in France and in Europe, helps students to find internships in companies and prepares them for the integration into the labour market. Planète Info also carries out workshops on how to prepare CVs and application letters, training sessions for the interview before recruitment, etc. The service regularly organizes conferences on professions and careers conducted by practiced persons from companies, banks, civil servants, etc, and Job/employment forums with the participation of managers and recruiters from different companies/enterprises.
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Referent: Prof. Christian Cormier

The University of Turku, FI

The Career Services of the University of Turku has been an active partner in various regional, national and international projects in its fields of expertise. Apart from being a partner in several projects the unit has coordinated a Leonardo da Vinci-project called BAPP. As a unit belonging to the administration of the University of Turku, the Career Services has a solid and reliable background in the field of international co-operation. The Career Services organizes various courses and seminars on professions and careers decision making process.
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Referent: Mr. Erkki Härkönen

Contact person for the REABP Project is Axelle Devaux:


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