The main aim of the project is to raise the employers' awareness about the Bologna Process and its implications for the labour market. By making the Bologna Process known among employers, particularly those recruiting university graduates, this project aims at raising awareness of the changes it entails in structures and contents of degree and study programmes.

One of the major issues in the Bologna Process is promoting the employability of university students and graduates, the realisation of which requires interactive use of communication networks among higher education institutions and employers, as well as organizations offering placement opportunities for students.

An additional aim of this project is to create an interactive dialogue based on a win-win approach between universities and employers. Both parties will benefit from this communication, the problem often being that academics and entrepreneurs do not use the same language and concepts.

The main activities developed within the project are:

  • Design of a questionnaire for employers to find out what they know about the Bologna process, and what information they would like to know/need to know.
  • Production of national reports based on the questionnaires received and of a comparative analysis of the different national reports.
  • Creation of information materials for employers (information leaflet, website, slideshow, concept of lectures) that will serve as information package for employers and as a "toolkit" for career advisers to inform employers about Bologna.
  • An information campaign for employers.
  • A final event in Brussels to disseminate the main outcomes of the project.
  • The publication of a final report.


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