Social Sciences & Humanities


Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH as they are denoted) have benefited over the centuries and continue to benefit today from major contributions of scholars from universities which are now members of the Coimbra Group. SSH have, for centuries, contributed to the development of values, thought and democratic institutions of the open society of which CG universities are today a part. SSH educational programmes continue to provide a large share of the Europe’s most highly qualified work force with both educational and research training, and SSH research remains crucial for answers to the challenges that today face contemporary European and global societies.

Expected outcomes

- An increased level of cooperation of Coimbra Group universities in the SSH academic fields, whose outcomes should include:

  •  further highly competitive SSH study programmes and research;
  • contribution to the design and organization of the biennial high-level Coimbra Group policy seminars on research and education as well as to other joint events; 
  • dissemination of social science and humanities research, both in scholarly form and for wider audiences;
  • increased joint participation in European and other types of SSH research and educational projects, in particular in the framework of “Horizon 2020” and “Erasmus+”;

- Sharing and dissemination with the Coimbra Group of information and good practice on Social Sciences and Humanities structures, activities and projects;

- Close monitoring of and contribution to European policy-making in education and research and its impact on Social Sciences and Humanities;

- Effective support for the recognition of the role and importance of SSH research in national and European research programmes, together with promotion of attention to specific SSH conditions in rankings, metrics, etc.; 

- Contribution to raising awareness of specific SSH conditions in interdisciplinary research and in research evaluations for inter- or multidisciplinary research programmes;

- Liaison with the STEM and Life Sciences Working Groups for the furtherance of interdisciplinary approaches and projects;

- Effective support to the Executive Board on possible proposals from the Coimbra Group aimed at influencing and shaping European programmes and policies regarding Social Sciences and Humanities.

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