Latin America


Working Group members' portfolio and Universities' strategy for Latin America


CGLA Working Papers Series nº1:



Academic relations between European universities and Latin American institutions have a long tradition and are going through a moment of intensified cooperation and widening opportunities, due to high level commitment of governments and agencies on both sides of the Atlantic, materialized in the EU-CELAC strategic partnership.  The Coimbra Group has played an important role in providing links to institutions and networks which are relevant to this transatlantic cooperation and has also in the past facilitated many initiatives and projects to the benefit of member institutions. The Latin America Working Group will pursue the development of synergies among Coimbra Group Universities in order to increase the quality and quantity of cooperation with Latin American institutions, networks and agencies and follow the opportunities created by ongoing high level policy dialogues between the two regions.  

Expected outcomes

- Analysis of the development of the EU-CELAC dialogue and information to Coimbra Group Universities on current trends and opportunities relating to academic cooperation;

- Increased relevance of the Coimbra Group as a stakeholder and partner in EU-CELAC cooperation by establishing bridges to relevant agencies and decision-making bodies and participating in policy definition;

- Improved knowledge among Coimbra Group Universities about Latin American institutions and their context in relation to education, research and innovation;

- Links with Latin American networks in order to increase the outreach of the Coimbra Group and opportunities for joint projects;

- Analysis of funding opportunities available and involvement in projects of Coimbra Group universities;

- Policy advice to the EB on the EU-CELAC dialogue and cooperation with Latin America in general.

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