Extra resources for Coimbra Group universities’ students looking for an internship abroad

On this document you will find links to some of the Coimbra Group universities’ job portals, where member universities post job and internship advertisements mainly from their region or country. As a Coimbra Group member university student or graduate you are welcome to take a look at the advertisements if you are looking for an internship or a job abroad. There is also contact information of each of the universities’ Career Centre included. 

CG internship resources for students



There is increased concern in European universities - also expressed by stakeholders - that graduates should be well prepared for a rapidly changing and evolving society and employment market. Growing emphasis on the generic and entrepreneurial competences and lifelong learning abilities required of the highly qualified critical citizen of the 21st century have led our universities to include programmes for the acquisition of these skills during and alongside degree programmes in all three cycles. The global nature of our society underlines the added value of international network cooperation in this area of university activity, avoiding narrow calls to respond to short-term needs and responding to the deeper educational mission of our universities.    

Expected outcomes  

- Shared experience and exchange of information, best and innovative practice in embedding employability in educational programmes at all levels and in careers guidance for students and recent graduates;

- Joint collaborative projects and events relating to education for employability and careers guidance at all levels;

- Exchange of staff at CG university careers services;

- Exchange of information and implementation of projects to facilitate international internships for students and, in general, sharing and facilitating contact with industry and potential employers;

- Effective support to the EB in view of possible contributions of the Coimbra Group to European policy-making regarding employability and careers guidance.  

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