Development Cooperation


The global social responsibility of universities requires their active engagement with development issues and challenges. The Coimbra Group universities have a strong tradition in Development Studies and in Development Cooperation. The Coimbra Group aims to increase such engagements through the pooling of expertise and through the coordination of actions targeted towards a most effective response to major cooperation and funding agencies such as the EU and other international and national agencies. In addition, it aims to increase exchange and cooperation between its Development Studies Programmes, its Development Studies experts, as well as with partner institutions in African, Asian and Latin American countries.  

Expected outcomes

- Analysis of Development Aid and Cooperation frameworks, at the EU and global level, in the aspects which may be relevant for the member universities, in particular funding opportunities and definition of policy priorities;

- Increased relevance of the Coimbra Group as a stakeholder and partner in Development Cooperation by establishing bridges to relevant agencies and decision-making bodies and participating in policy definition;

- Shared expertise, increased knowledge and joint initiatives in Coimbra Group universities about Development Cooperation and Development Studies;

- Analysis of funding opportunities available and involvement in capacity-building and cooperation projects by Coimbra Group Universities; 

- Links with relevant networks in developing countries and regions.

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