Doctoral Studies


Doctoral Studies constitute a key activity and major priority for multi-disciplinary research universities and represent one of the most important contributions of universities to the development of societies, requiring creative and collaborative approaches by universities. Substantial reform of doctoral studies has taken place across Europe over recent years, and the challenges of implementation and consolidation are central to the strategies of universities.    

Expected outcomes  

- Increased exchange of information, sharing of best and innovative practice and joint activities of Coimbra Group Universities in the organization of doctoral studies and of early research careers;

- Increased participation of Coimbra Group Universities in European research and education projects which are relevant for doctoral studies and post-doctoral activities; 

- Increased mobility of doctoral candidates in general and among CG Universities in particular; 

- Increased mutual recognition of programme units, where applicable, at other CG Universities; 

- Increased cooperation of CG Universities in developing jointly taught modules / jointly supervised / inter-disciplinary doctoral study programmes;

- Increased cooperation in the organization of early stages of research careers, including mobility at postdoctoral level; 

- Effective support to the EB regarding possible contributions of the Coimbra Group to European policy-making relating to doctoral studies and early research careers.

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