Academic Exchange and Mobility


A university cannot exist without the continuous movement of scholarly ideas. At the core of academic life, a main facet of this movement is academic mobility. As they have done over the centuries and intensely since the establishment of the network, Coimbra Group universities continue to exchange students and staff in national, regional, European, international – bilateral or multilateral – settings. With a wealth of challenges to respond to, the design and implementation of student and staff mobility require a collective, empathic and imaginative approach by participating institutions. The Working Group will ensure continuous exchange of experience among member institutions. The Working Group will also advise the Coimbra Group Executive Board on possible actions to be taken to influence the development of European educational programmes with mobility components. 

Expected outcomes  

- An increased level of academic exchange at all levels (students, researchers, academic and administrative staff) amongst Coimbra Group universities; 

- Strengthened cooperation (including forms of virtual mobility) and exchanges at all levels of CG Universities with universities in other geographic areas, such as European Neighbourhood East, the Mediterranean, North America, Asia, Africa, etc.;

- Contribution towards increased attraction and flow of international students to Coimbra Group universities; 

- Contribution to the improvement of European academic exchange programmes by assessing and monitoring their frameworks and their implementation;

- Effective support to the EB in view of further contributions of the Coimbra Group to European policymaking regarding academic mobility.  

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