University of Cambridge (UK) - From Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 September 2007

The University of Cambridge ( was founded in 1209, when a group of scholars left Oxford to set up a new institution in Cambridge. Since its establishment, it has attracted many of the very best scholars, and is known worldwide for the excellence of its teaching and research, and the quality of its graduates. Its reputation is endorsed by the Quality Assurance Agency and by other external reviewers of learning and teaching, and it is consistently and independently rated as a leading centre of education, teaching and research.

With a foundation of eight centuries’ experience to draw upon, the University of Cambridge continues to innovate in every area of academic endeavour. Strength and depth across the disciplines, combined with people, facilities and resources of the highest calibre, ensure that the University remains a world-class centre of learning.

The seminar venue as well as accommodation for all participants is at Homerton College. For more information about Homerton College, please follow the link:

Presentation of BALANCE Project
Presentation of Coimbra Group
Introduction to the University of Cambridge
The UK Higher Education Europe Unit
Bologna Doctoral Level
International Aspect of Bologna Process
Transatlantic Cooperation in Higher Education
Transatlantic Reflections on Bologna Process
List of participants
Speakers' biographies
Seminar programme
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Anna Quici, Project Coordinator
Coimbra Group
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