University of Barcelona,
Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 December 2007

The University of Barcelona (UB) was founded under the royal prerogative by Alphonse the Magnanimous, in Naples, on 3 November 1450 and has a history closely linked to Barcelona and Catalonia. Today UB lays claim to being the leading public university with 52.238 undergraduate students, 6.918 postgraduate students and 3.148 doctoral students (2004), the widest and most complete range of courses including undergraduate degrees (first and second cycle), its own specially tailored courses and postgraduate, master and doctorate programmes, as well as being the leading centre for university research in Spain. With more than 5,000 full-time researchers, technicians and research assistants it is one of the largest in Europe, both in terms of the number of research programmes and the excellence of its results.
The UB plays an important role in disseminating science and technology and has an important experience hosting national and international scientific events. The campuses host a large representation of students from around the world who complete their studies with us, as learning has become one of the most trans-national activities. Each year the UB welcomes a large number of students from abroad and provides access to many of the services offered to the UB's students, as well as a number of specific services provided solely for temporary visiting students (computers, Libraries, e-mail, Spanish courses, Catalan courses, University dining halls, sport services, welcome sessions in the UB faculties and schools, etc).

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Anna Quici, Project Coordinator
Coimbra Group
rue d’Egmont 11
1000 Brussels
tel +32 2 513 8332
fax +32 2 513 6411,


Seminar Programme (final)

Presentacio UB-Balance 12-07

Barral - Joint degrees Panel

Boutet - International strategies at Montreal Uni - Panel

Donà dalle Rose - Tuning project

Gehmlich - EU-US internationalisation reform

Gines Mora - Bologna Lisbon and Spain

Godfrey - Joint degree programmes - Panel

Knasar - Joint degrees at Graz Uni - Panel

Knudsen - Presentation of Coimbra Group

Perez - Doctoral Level Bologna

Quici - Presentation of BALANCE Project

Solé - Overview Catalan Higher Education System