This three-day seminar, hosted by the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, Mozambique, was the final activity of the AUDIS project and it aimed to present and discuss the project’s outcomes, evaluate its results and disseminate them. While the first part (one and a half day) was devoted to the presentation of the reports from the four projects implemented by AUDIS partner universities from Africa, the second part was open to a wider audience (African non-partner universities/countries as well as representatives of African higher education ministries and international agencies).

Final Programme


AUDIS: summary of activities and results obtained, by the Project Coordinators
Benin séminaire relatif à  la création mini labo langues, F. Souaibou
Strengthening Capacity for Postgraduates Programmes at the University of Zimbabwe, Witmore Mujaji
Atelier d'initiation à la formulation d'un plan stratégique des Services des Relations Internationales des Universités Africaines, J. K. Kalemba Vita
Internationalization of Higher Education in Ethiopia: Challenges, Opportunities and Way Forward, Fredu Nega
The importance of International Dimension for African Universities, O. Oyewole
International Experience & Employability of African Graduates, James Otieno Jowi
European Commission Response to Engagement in Higher Education in ACP Countries, by Raul Mateus Paula & Renata Russel (presented by Martine Dekoninck)

At the end of the Seminar, African partner Universities signed the Audis Maputo Declaration, committing to further cooperation in joint initiatives.

Audis Maputo Declaration

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